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Toy Military Playsets

True Heroes Ultimate Military Playset- 100 piece set with storage container by Toys R Us

Toy Military Playsets

True Heroes Ultimate Military Playset- 100 piece set with storage container
(Toy) Toys R Us

2 colors let you pit one army against another
Take command of 2 armies with this True Heroes army heroes
Soldier height: 2"
100 Piece set

Price: $49.99 $25.91

Customer Reviews:
  1. Great for Kids into Military Play
    We received this as a gift and personally I wouldn't have paid as much as it is listed for. It is just a bunch of somewhat cheaply made plastic military pieces with a fairly thin plastic sheet for a battle field. With that said, it has probably paid for itself in the amount time my son has...
  2. Army Playset
    I got this for Christmas and let me just say this is awesome! I just think that they could change the picture on the box because a totally different playset is pictured on it. But it's still awesome.
True Heros Ultimate Military Toy Soldier Playset

True Heros Ultimate <b>Military</b> Play Set - Miniature <b>Toy soldiers</b>, <b>military</b> vehicles, staging accessories and background play ...

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Toy Industry Foundation collects record number of toys

The Toy Industry Foundation received more than 42,000 toys and games worth more than $400,000 in its most successful one-day collection to date, according to the Toy Industry Assn.

The toy drive was held on the last day of this year's American International Toy Fair in New York. Exhibitors donated 33 percent more toys than last year during the 10th annual collection held Feb. 13. Action figures, puzzles and games, books and play sets were among the products donated to the Toy Bank by 284 Toy Fair exhibitors.

"This landmark collection was the perfect way to kick off The Toy Bank's 10th anniversary year," said Jean Butler, executive director of TIF, in a statement. "Since The Toy Bank's founding in 2003, caring toy companies have helped us to deliver the joy of play to more than 10 million disadvantaged children ... We're off to a wonderful start for 2013, and we cannot wait to share what the rest of the year has in store.

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This is the action toy soldier play set that will entertain your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, or even grandaughter for hours on end! This set contains all the action the little ones want in a toy soldier set: Army men, bad guys, tank , jets, command post, bunker barriers, fences, and a bonus play mat! Warning: Contains small parts, not for children under 3 years of age!

Features FULL ACTION TOY SOLDIER SET + MILITARY HARDWARE: TANK/TRUCKS + JETS and More! 46 Pieces + BONUS ACTION PLAY MAT! Hours and hours of kid fun - Sure to be a BIG HIT!

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